Va Secrets

A Practical Guide to getting the most out of your VA benefits. It's a must read!

Country’s leading VA loan officers knows that most borrowers are not taking full advantage of their VA benefits… not to mention the lack of knowledge about all the inner workings among some industry professionals. This loan type offers several advantages over traditional loans, but many don’t know all the tips, tricks and advantages! There are much more than just lower interest rates, zero money down, and no mortgage insurance. If you’re “VA” eligible, then you must read this straightforward and practical guide.

What’s included in this e-book:

  • VA Loan advantages, tips and tricks.
  • Tips to getting your funding fee reimbursed.
  • Using your VA Loan multiple times at the same time.
  • The “Zero Down” trick even if your VA loan is tied up.
  • How to avoid paying a “second time use” funding fee!
  • Little known perks when refinancing.
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